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Today, more than ever, working with a trusted adviser is a must. Our team of consultants will provide you the professionalism and expertise you deserve throughout the loan process. We want your experience to be enjoyable and will strive to deliver loan terms and costs which are in line with your expectations.

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Loan Officers

Loan Officer - Rich Ambrose

Rich Ambrose - Dent Lending Office

NMLS #279914

Phone: 513-582-5616
Fax: 513-574-4370


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Loan Officer - Mike Bodkin

Mike Bodkin - Dent Lending Office

NMLS #619496

Phone: 513-347-2423
Cell: 513-652-7711
Fax: 513-574-4370


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LO - Ed Collins

Ed Collins - Florence Office

NMLS #591668

Phone: 859-525-6655
Cell: 859-750-0213
Fax: 859-647-3972


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Loan Officer - Ed Cunningham

Ed Cunningham - Dent Commercial Lending Office

Cell: 513-404-7875
Phone: 513-347-2293
Fax: 513-347-2282


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LO - Frank Gorrasi

Frank Gorrasi - Miami Heights Office

NMLS #1787052

Phone: 513-574-3025
Cell: 513-276-7989
Fax: 513-574-4370


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Loan Officer - Tim Jenkins

Tim Jenkins - Dent Lending Office

NMLS #267759

Phone: 513-347-2420
Cell: 513-543-3929
Fax: 513-574-4370


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Loan Officer - Wes Loucks

Wes Loucks - Dent Lending Office

NMLS #619494

Phone: 513-347-2422
Cell: 513-290-5419
Fax: 513-574-4370


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Loan Officer - Kevin McBride

Kevin McBride - Miami Heights Branch

NMLS #273662

Phone: 513-347-2432
Cell: 513-652-5150
Fax: 513-574-4370


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LO - Frank Worpenberg

Frank Worpenberg - Dent Lending Office

NMLS #1452259

Phone: 513-574-3025
Cell: 513-376-1672
Fax: 513-574-4370


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