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Today, more than ever, working with a trusted adviser is a must. Our team of consultants will provide you the professionalism and expertise you deserve throughout the loan process. We want your experience to be enjoyable and will strive to deliver loan terms and costs which are in line with your expectations.

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Commercial Lending

Ed Cunningham - Dent Commercial Lending Office

ED Cunningham


Cell: (513) 404-7875

Phone: (513) 347-2293

Fax: 513-347-2282

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Ed Cunningham is a 23-year lending and banking veteran specializing in commercial real estate financing in the areas of multi-family, retail, industrial, owner occupied, and investment. He graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1994. Ed currently serves as the Auditor of the City of Sharonville and served on Sharonville City Council from 2010-2015. In addition, Ed has served on multiple non-profit organizations in board/director capacity and is currently serving as a member of Princeton City Schools Finance Committee. Ed is also a Co-Founder and Advisor to Festival of Sharonville, Inc., a 501C3 entity that plans SharonFest, an annual summer festival benefitting over 30 non-profit organizations.
Greg Meyers - Dent Commercial Lending Office

Greg Meyers


Cell: (513) 673-2046

Phone: (513) 347-2285

Fax: 513-347-2292

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Greg has more than forty years of Banking experience with most of that time focused in Lending. He has developed and managed consumer, commercial and residential lending programs in three states over his career. He came to Cincinnati Federal in 2013. As a part of the Senior Management team of the Bank, he administers all aspects of lending. Greg received his bachelor’s degree from Holy Cross College and his master’s degree from Xavier University.

Residential Lending

Leigh Ann Byrne - Milford Lending Office

Leigh Ann Byrne


NMLS #2142459

Cell: (513) 633-9933

Phone: (513) 598-2292

Fax: 513-248-0564

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Leigh Ann Byrne joined Cincinnati Federal in November of 2020 as an Assistant to several Mortgage Loan Officers while learning the industry. She quickly transitioned into an Originator in December of 2021. Leigh Ann prides herself on being able to help make what can be a complicated process easier by guiding her customers through the mortgage journey. She also works to educate borrowers on the types of programs Cincinnati Federal offers to help them choose the right solution for their needs such as conventional, down payment assistance, first time home buyer grants, tax credits, government, physicians, and construction or rehab loans. She is currently a member of S.O.A.R. - Southern Ohio Association of Realtors and earned her Master’s from Xavier University and her Bachelor’s from the University of Akron where she also earned a full scholarship to play women’s basketball. She is a mother of five children and has resided in Anderson Township for over 25 years.

Mike Creech - Dent Lending Office

Mike Creech


NMLS #706243

Cell: (513) 616-8760

Phone: (513) 598-2290


Fax: 513-574-4370

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Mike is an experienced mortgage consultant and has worked in the banking industry since 1992. As a seasoned loan officer, he is dedicated to meeting the needs of his clients and helps them to navigate through numerous loan products to find the one that best fits their needs. His expertise includes a variety of loan products including conventional, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), construction loans and down payment assistance programs.


He loves the job because it is a wonderful feeling to assist people in the dream of homeownership, especially first-time home buyers. The mortgage business is ever changing and he is always working to educate himself to better assist his clients. Helping individuals and families to find a home or save money is truly a rewarding experience.


A Hamilton County native, Mike is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. He has long-established relationships with local industry professionals, and works to ensure that all involved parties remain well-informed through each step of the mortgage loan transaction.


When not assisting clients, he enjoys spending time camping with his family.

Shawna Dougherty - Milford Lending Office

Shawna Dougherty


NMLS # 450204

Cell: (937) 239-3188

Phone: (513) 347-2424

Fax: 513-574-4370

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Providing an excellent customer and business partner experience is at the core of how Shawna conducts business. With a background in the real estate industry, she is able to provide a unique set of skills to ensure a smooth transaction for all parties involved. She welcomes questions and takes the time to educate borrowers about the mortgage process as well as individualized mortgage loan product options. Also active in her community, Shawna enjoys volunteering in various outreach programs and spending time with her husband and children.
Joe Erdman - Dent Lending Office

Joe Erdman


NMLS #619497

Cell: (513) 608-8962

Phone: (513) 598-2281

Fax: 513-574-4370

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Joe is an experienced mortgage consultant and has worked in the banking industry since 1996. He is an expert in helping clients be comfortable with the home buying process and his motivation is to be his clients' mortgage consultant for life. Having owned his own business for 19 years, he brings a unique perspective to mortgage lending.


He is an expert in various loan programs including FHA, VA, and Rural Housing as well as conventional, construction, second mortgage and investment property loans. Because he delivers excellent customer service to homebuyers and real estate professionals, his clients are comfortable referring friends and family to him for assistance with their loans. He helps his clients choose the right mortgage option based on the present situation, future plans and preferred loan product.

Frank Gorrasi - Dent Lending Office

Frank Gorrasi


NMLS #1787052

Cell: (513) 276-7989

Phone: (513) 598-2286
Fax: 513-574-4370

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Frank has worked in banking and finance for nearly a decade. Born in Cincinnati he attended Elder High School and furthered his education at the University of Cincinnati where he graduated in 2008. He resides in Western Hills with his wife and two children. Frank specializes in finding the most compatible loan program based on each customer’s unique homeownership needs. He can assist you in navigating Cincinnati Federal’s extensive mortgage lending products, including: government loans (VA, FHA, rural housing), conventional loans, 3% Down Payment Options, Down Payment Assistance Grants, Jumbo loans, New Construction/Renovation loans, and Physician loans. Please contact Frank with any of your questions regarding home finance and he will assist you in achieving your goals.
Barb Hale - Milford Lending Office

Barb Hale


NMLS #56423

Cell: (513) 520-6044

Phone: (513) 598-2289

Fax: 513-574-4370

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For over 23 years, Barb has dedicated 100% of her energy towards serving her clients. This focused approach provides her the time to elevate her mortgage education and experience which guarantees a fully professional level of service. Her goal is to build strong , lifelong relationships one person at a time.
Tim Jenkins - Dent Lending Office

Tim Jenkins


NMLS #267759

Cell: (513) 543-3929

Phone: (513) 347-2420

Fax: 513-574-4370

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Tim has been helping thousands of homebuyers' dreams become reality in the mortgage and real estate business since 1987.


He is a professional that has complete knowledge of Conventional, FHA, VA and Rural Development Loans. His philosophy is to treat people as he would like to be treated and he takes great pride in becoming your mortgage consultant for life.

Julia Kelley - Dent Lending Office

Julia Kelley


NMLS #2467793

Cell: (502) 640-9659

Phone: (513) 715-2309

Fax: 513-574-4370

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Julia has worked in mortgage banking since 2007. She’s spent several years in management on the operations side of the industry, which has equipped her with additional knowledge and insight of the mortgage loan process, giving her a unique understanding of what it takes to get your loan approved quickly. She offers experience in Conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA loan types, along with various state and local down payment assistance programs. Julia is passionate about creating meaningful, authentic relationships with those she meets, and strives to provide a positive and memorable customer service experience as your trusted loan advisor.

Kevin McBride - Miami Heights Branch

Kevin McBride


NMLS #273662

Cell: (513) 652-5150

Phone: (513) 347-2432

Fax: 513-574-4370

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Kevin has been originating mortgages since 1997. He has a vast knowledge of all aspects of Residential Mortgage Lending. Kevin was born and raised in Cincinnati and graduated from U.C.'s Business College and has been in the mortgage business ever since. He prides himself on continually improving his process for his customers. From 1st time buyers to savvy investors, Kevin can assist you in determining the best possible mortgage solution available. Contact Kevin to discuss your financing needs.
Paul Osterhage - Dent Lending Office

Paul Osterhage


NMLS #804939

Cell: (513) 508-2016

Phone: (513) 598-2291

Fax: 513-574-4370

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Paul is an experienced mortgage consultant and has worked in the banking industry since 1997. As a seasoned mortgage consultant, he is dedicated to meeting the needs of his clients and helps them navigate through numerous mortgage products to find the one that best fits their needs. Having worked as a real estate professional, he brings a unique prospective to the mortgage process and has extensive knowledge in a variety of loan products including conventional, U.S. Federal Housing Administration (FHA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and down payment assistance programs.


He has long-established relationships with local industry professionals and works to ensure that all involved parties remain well-informed through each step of a mortgage loan transaction.


He loves his job because of the satisfaction it brings in knowing that he has helped his clients with the largest financial decision they will make in their lifetime. The mortgage business is everchanging and he is always working to educate himself to better assist his clients. Helping individuals achieve the American dream of home ownership is the most rewarding experience possible.


He is a Hamilton County native and a graduate of Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family and friends, coaching basketball and golfing.

Greg Richards - Milford Lending Office

Greg Richards


NMLS #754102

Cell: (513) 505-8180

Phone: (513) 598-2288

Fax: 513-574-4370

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Greg is an experienced mortgage consultant and has worked in the banking industry since 2004. He has extensive knowledge of the financial industry and is an expert in various loan programs including FHA, VA and Rural Housing as well as conventional, construction, second mortgage and investment property loans. He takes pride in providing excellent customer service to both home buyers and real estate professionals. This personalized attention has earned Greg repeat customers who frequently refer him to their family, friends and local realtors. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Greg and his wife live in Anderson Township. They have been married since 1991 and are the parents of two children.
Michael Veeneman - Milford Lending Office

Michael Veeneman


NMLS #754104

Cell: (513) 673-7760

Phone: (513) 347-2433

Fax: 513-574-4370

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For over 30 years, Mike Veeneman has been an expert in residential lending with a demonstrated history of strong customer service. As a native Cincinnatian, and a graduate of McNicholas High School and The University of Cincinnati he understands what community means and what it takes to be a successful mortgage lender. He has 25 plus years’ experience in Mortgage Sales Management , and built successful and profitable Mortgage Origination teams throughout his career.

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